Donald Trump

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Frontrunner of the republican party, Donald Trump built a real estate empire. Controversial throughout the election, he managed to redefine the elections while putting aside his opponents.

His controversial comments have pushed a lot of republicans to register as independent or flat out endorse Hillary Clinton.

Manchester, Donald Trump, Uber: Your Tuesday Briefing - New York Times
The blast reverberated through the Manchester Arena just as a show by the American pop star Ariana Grande was ending. Panic and mayhem seized the crowd, many of whom were young teenagers. A suspect died at the scene, the police said. Britain's ...and more »
Donald Trump Says 'Evil Losers' Behind Manchester Attack - HuffPost
“I won't call them monsters, because they would like that term... they're losers, just remember that,” he said Tuesday during a press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Trump met with Abbas in Bethlehem after meeting with Israeli
Donald Trump denies a Russia allegation that no one made - CNN
(CNN) After an appearance alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday, President Donald Trump paused to push back against reports that he had disclosed highly classified information to the Russians. "Just so you understand, I never 
Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? - FiveThirtyEight
After a cacophonous two weeks of political news, a new sound has begun to emerge from Washington: the word “impeachment.” Following the news that President Trump may have tried to bully FBI director James Comey out of investigating Michael Flynn's 
Trump asked DNI, NSA to deny evidence of Russia collusion - CNN
Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump asked two of the government's top intelligence chiefs to publicly deny evidence of cooperation between his campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, multiple current and former US officials confirmed to CNN 
Donald Trump, Our AI President - New York Times
It is hard to imagine a more scathing indictment of our ability to read another's thoughts and intentions than our inability to predict Donald Trump's next move. From the gross pre-election misjudgments to postelection bafflement, the best pundits are
Donald Trump's Budget Will Never Pass. It's Still Frightening. - Slate Magazine (blog)
But “wish list” feels like the wrong way to frame the repugnant grab bag of spending cuts Donald Trump's staffers are preparing to drop on Tuesday. For starters, there's a good chance our president doesn't really understand the contents of the proposal
Was Donald Trump convincing in Saudi Arabia? - Al Jazeera America
Donald Trump's first trip abroad as president was to Saudi Arabia, and the capital Riyadh laid on a grand royal welcome. A business deal worth $350bn was signed between the United States and Saudi Arabia, about one-third of which was for weapons
I was a Republican until Donald Trump hijacked my party - USA TODAY
Until last year, I was as Republican as you could get. My family had belonged to the GOP since the 1850s, and both my grandfathers labored in local Republican politics. I started volunteering for the party nearly a half century ago, handing out Nixon ...and more »
Behold! Donald Trump and the mysterious glowing orb. - Washington Post
When President Trump laid hands on the glowing Saudi mystery orb, he pledged allegiance to “Its Luminescence,” summoned the forces of Sauron to take over Middle-earth and created an “army of Moderate Muslims to fight terror.” He did none of that,