Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Born on October 26, 1947, Hillary Rodham Clinton Is the first woman to get the nomination of a major party in the USA. Wife of former president Bill Clinton, she has been described as a potential presidential candidate for at least a decade.

She has been put in the hot seat after it was discovered that she stored her emails on a personal server. She is also criticized by the republicans for Benghazi

If she wins the election in november, she will be the first US woman president.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives an acceptance speech after accepting the Trailblazer Award during the LGBT Community Center Dinner at Cipriani Wall Street on Thursday, April 20, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen) ** FILE ** more >
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton planned an aggressive push on a dozen policies for her first 100 days in the White House, including raising the minimum wage, investing in infrastructure, and reforming the nation's immigration system. But
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We also accept that Hillary Clinton, assisted by her hubby and their consultants, lost the election. In fact, she lost the election after outspending Donald two to one and turning many of her consultants into millionaires. Now the question being asked
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In an extended piece, the Times provided us with the best account so far of the deliberations inside the FBI as it investigated Hillary Clinton and debated how best to announce the results of that investigation to the public. It should surprise no one
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been accused of many murders of individuals working close to her. A recent fake news article suggested that Clinton's assistant Johnston Wilson (J.W.) McGill died under mysterious circumstances. However
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On the April 23 edition of the 'Waking Up With Sam Harris' podcast, controversial author Charles Murray discussed his speech this month at Middlebury College where protests turned violent, and the emergence of an 'upper class' in the U.S. for the first
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Johnston Wilson McGill, 34, was pronounced dead on his couch by a private doctor after suffering an apparent heart attack. It has happened just days after being summoned to appear before Trey Gowdy's congressional committee to testify about Hillary 
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He's also a friend and supporter of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. A picture of her and Melamed hangs on Melamed's office wall among many photos of political movers and shakers. So what a surprise to hear the Chicago businessman offer 
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CNN political commentator and former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter said tonight that Ivanka Trump is “becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways.” “She's sort of becoming increasingly unlikable,” Carpenter said, “she keeps